Bolt Spacing

Add the utility class .u-bolt-xx-yy-zz where xx equals the spacing property, yy equals the direction, and zz (optional) equals the t-shirt size you wish to apply. For example:

  • .u-bolt-margin-left-large = margin-left: 4rem
  • .u-bolt-margin-right = margin-right: 2rem

(xx) Possible property values include:

  • padding
  • margin

(yy) Possible direction values include:

  • top
  • right
  • bottom
  • left

(zz) Possible size values include:

  • none: 0
  • auto: auto
  • [base]: 2rem
  • xxsmall: 0.25rem
  • xsmall: 0.5rem
  • small: 1rem
  • medium: 2rem
  • large: 4rem
  • xlarge: 8rem
  • xxlarge: 16rem


margin-left: 2rem


margin-left: 4rem


margin-left: 16rem


padding: 2rem


padding: 4rem


padding-left: 8rem
padding-right: 8rem
padding-top: 4rem
padding-bottom: 4rem